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Blossom collection exudes joy of living and natural elegance, fitting in both contemporary and traditional interiors and blending perfectly with any ambience.

A special finish with partially mirrored surface combines full mirror frontal view of the lampshade with interesting side view, which reveals the glow through the semi-transparent ‘band’ allowing the light to diffuse softly, yet creating sophisticated and chic ambiance. The collection consists of a chandelier, suspension lamp, wall/ceiling lamp, table lamp and one or four shades floor lamps whose height can by easily adjusted.


The natural development of the design concept embodied in the Blossom collection has found expression in the models of the Bloom dining table, chairs, sideboard and other pieces of furniture. The furniture repeats smooth rounded lines of lamps, but presents them along with confident architectural forms of furniture and precisely calibrated ergonomics. The look of the table, minimalist in design, is rich in finishes - in addition to marble and wood, it is precious bronzed brass. It perfectly complements the modernist atmosphere of the collection and makes a fashionable nuance in its appearance. Upholstery made of wool with a rich texture is produced by Créations Métaphores, a brand of Hermès holding.

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