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The collection features both dominant and neutral color schemes, which are easily integrated into lofts, modern apartments, study rooms and halls. Like all collections by Tapis Rouge La Scala is handcrafted in Nepal in accordance with the Tibetan tradition. Technically, a painting is transferred into a knot map and is hand-knotted, which means there is human touch and feel, unlike any printed copies. Natural New Zealand wool and Chinese silk make for the rich game of shades and textures. The collection is characterized by the use of high percentage of silk, which gives the rugs a higher degree of softness. Each rug may be adjusted or customized under the author’s personal supervision to fit any particular project. The La Scala collection is presented at Tapis Rouge gallery at Savvinskaya Embankment, 23/1 in Moscow.

Mike Shilov presents a new collection of hand-crafted rugs in collaboration with Tapis Rouge Atelie. Fine graphics meets the color depth of the background and the rug's natural softness, which makes the collection a new word in interior product design. Such visual effects as transparency, volume, depth, the combination of color diffusion and clear lines are achieved by a number of perplex professional techniques.

A record-breaking number of shades per centimeter has been used to obtain the multilayer chameleon effect sought by the author. 

These rugs are meant not only to decorate an interior but also to organize the space, getting all the elements together, based on the balanced graphic composition and the ability to match different colors and styles.

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