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The “Hedonist's Bathroom” project, which was implemented at the Mosbuild exhibition, appeals to the image of a modern man, keeping up with the times. It has everything you need for a daily ritual of ablution - a Geberit Acanto sink with a large side plane for shaving and grooming, a lot of storage systems from the Geberit Acanto collection, a smart toilet Geberit AquaClean Mera with a bidet and a hairdryer, a large bath designed for male growth, with the ability to step out of it in a non-slip and tactilely pleasant shower tray and wash off the foam, leaving no wet stains on the floor. Axor Hansgrohe shower with a large watering can and intuitive controls lightens the whole day, and in the evening washes away a heap of worries, allowing you to spend some time on a comfortable Knoll lounger by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (Flat Interiors) and read a book under the comfortable “cap” of the legendary floor lamp Flos Arco designed by Achille Castiglione. A couple of tables from Minotti and Draenert serve to accommodate literature, a tray with food and a glass of fresh juice. The huge mirror Maxalto allows to look at yourself critically and fix your hair before leaving.


Rex (Ardo Studio) porcelain stoneware floor looks like solidly joined limestone slabs and creates a pleasant natural feeling. The walls are lined with Inkiostro Bianco (Ardo Studio) wall covering on the basis of fiberglass with a geometric pattern in the actual muted color scheme. The front wall resembles a huge slab of precious marble, while the coating is completely moisture resistant and does not require maintenance, which is extremely practical in the men's interior. The light-dynamic Barrisol mediapanel, which is the ceiling of the bathroom, is capable of changing lighting scenarios and creating one or another mood. Stretch Barrisol mirror panels in the entrance and shower/bath zones emphasize the status of the room and provide an opportunity to see yourself in an unusual perspective - with soaped head or in the fragrant foam. Exquisite Napoli Fumo silk carpet from the La Scala collection by Mike Shilov X Tapis Rouge emphasizes the luxury of the interior and fills it with genuine charm.

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