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Gonfalone is a collection of furniture inspired by Venice, its history and grandeur. The flag of Venice - gonfalone - as a symbol of this extraordinary city, metaphorically reflects the style of the furniture in the collection. The flag has an ancient history: it originated almost 15 centuries ago. The six tails denoting the six sestieri (historic districts of Venice) are marked with six “flags” of Murano glass. The golden winged lion of the Evangelist Mark, the emblem and flag of Venice, is engraved on the glass tabletop of the dresser. Skillful engraving pays tribute to the traditions of Arte Veneziana, which became famous for its work with glass, and demonstrates the connection between the culture and traditions of the Veneto region with the present day, current forms and materials. Therefore, the collection objects are geometrically verified and concise. A floating table top on an elegant stand, with hand-made engraving, emphasize the refined design and are designed to draw attention to the main characters of the collection - precious hinged elements made of Murano glass.


Despite the modern look, furniture finishes have a "vintage" effect. The surface of aged bronze is as if with traces of time. Glass of decorative elements and table tops has a micro-relief and a partially satin look, which gives the collection objects a noble patina. The mirror canvas of decorative elements is tinted in a noble smoky silver-gray shade. The chest of drawers has sliding doors with a chain-opening, which emphasizes the connection of this collection with the modernism of the first half of the twentieth century, congenial to Mike Shilov. The doors, consisting of many thin vertical strips, flow freely, surround elegantly rounded corners and go to the back of the dresser, which, thanks to hidden cable hatches, can successfully serve as both multimedia furniture and a sideboard. Interior items from the Gonfalone collection are presented in the exposition of the Extra Class Interiors showroom at Komsomolsky Avenue, 37 in Moscow.

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